We work to bring you the classical weaves and art in the best of contemporary designs at par with modern-day trends. Don’t buy just because of the handloom. Buy because you have fallen in love with it.

Our style is a bit like a river carving its way through the earth; even when we touch upon a trend, we carry it somewhere new. We create for the woman that’ll make our styles her own. For the woman who wants to make a statement without saying a word. For all the layers of you.

We keep upgrading and adding beautiful garments to our collection on a time-to-time basis. Most of our products are available at one time, so stay loyal to us and we promise never to disappoint you.

As a manufacturer, we uphold our dedication to creating exclusive and constrained product lines for clothing. We believe that by doing this, millions of tonnes of extra inventory are kept out of landfills around the world, lessening the strain on our earth. We place a high value on sustainability and moral sourcing to make sure that our items are as beneficial to the environment as they are to your wardrobe.

Our clothing is of great value without sacrificing tailoring techniques and fabric materials because all of our designs are supported and inspired by data. We believe that manufacturing a fine tailored product cannot be rushed. We believe in charitable giving by providing jobs for women and men from the countryside and special people. We hope that through our commitment to ethical sourcing, limited production, and charitable giving, we can inspire our customers to be responsible and productive members of society.our responsibility while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We constantly give back to society by giving jobs in our manufacturing to countryside people, women’s and man’s so that they can uplift their living standards independently. Additionally, our founders are enthusiastic supporters of NGOs, and we continually look for ways to give back to society. We produce and do ethical sourcing and philanthropic giving. We strive to motivate our customers and clients to contribute positively to society through buying our products, while being sustainable and environmentally friendly to nature and the earth.

While working for world and India very well-known brands, I noticed a lack of comfortable formal wear in India and worldwide. Therefore, we developed a unique formula for ‘style, comfort, and fit’ coming together in one garment. We started our own manufacturing facility “Entellus Apparel Private Limited” along with our own brand “Entellus” after delivering the product to well-known brands in India and foreign countries to understand their requirements. Simultaneously, we also developed a proprietary tailored fit algorithm with standard sizes that gives a great fit with three self-measurements.

You are unique, and so is your body. As a result, we believe in offering and providing flattering fits for all people of various sizes and shapes. Our bodies keep on changing and it is beautiful when you accept and cherish aspects of who you are, and celebrate it every day.

Entellus” is a clothing line brand with roots in ancient Indian customs for the wandering soul. Like everything we adore, “Entellus” began as a whim, was nourished by passion, and developed as a result of the unanticipated, uncontrollable turns that life has given us along the way.

Our motive is to make you stand out, deviate from the mundane style of dressing and embrace cutting-edge fashion while not burning a hole in your pockets.

To bring you the absolute finest in handloom work, we have gone to great lengths to explore every corner of India and have teamed up with some of the most talented weavers and artisans. Every one of our products is a work of exceptional craftsmanship and a tale that has been passed down through the years.

Together, let’s consider the future of Indian craftsmanship while recalling its illustrious past.

We strive to offer you the traditional weaves and artwork in the greatest modern patterns that keep up with current trends. Don’t purchase just because it is a handloom. Purchase because you are in love with it.

Our fashion sense resembles a river cutting through the land; even when we reference a trend, we take it in a fresh direction. We design for the woman who will adopt our aesthetics as her own. For the woman who wishes to express herself verbally while remaining silent. For every layer, that makes you perfect.

So, we present to you a platform for a selection of exquisite designer pieces at the touch of a button. We believe fashion is a right, not a luxury, so we aim to deliver the biggest trends at the most affordable prices.